The team here at The Vitruvius Project is excited to announce a new product that will bring Structural Engineering & Architectural Design Software to the next level. For years our industry has needed easy to use tools for everyday tasks, today we are counting down the release of a project that will change your complex everyday tasks into quick and simple calculations speeding up your workflow and reducing your frustration.

Imagine a platform that provides all of the most complex calculations you will need combined with the support and help of a dedicated team of developers and engineers…

Welcome to, The Vitruvius Project. Over the last 25 years of software development we have served the needs of the engineering community and we have listened to the requests of our customers wanting more feature intensive tools. We are happy to announce that the products you’ve been waiting for… are here.

Vitruvius is the next evolution in residential and light commercial engineering software with an intuitive design platform created for engineers, architects, home designers, contractors, plan review departments, and students.



The Vitruvius Experience brings new engineering software into the 21st century. Vitruvius is going to make daily design projects fun and intuitive, no more lost time and work that most businesses have learned to live with from crashes and clunky interfaces.

Here are a few engineering features we know you’ve been waiting for, with many more to come and too many to list:

  • Complete Load Combinations
  • LRFD & ASD Design
  • Multi-Directional Loading
  • 10 Span Analysis
  • Boundary Condition Fixity
  • Customize Your Workspace
  • Multi-Monitor Options
  • Vitruvius will provide calculations for all materials needed in the Residential and Light Commercial market. No more sorting through multiple programs to finish one project. We want to be your one stop shop for your engineering needs.


We believe if we can save you time on your everyday projects, we’ve succeeded. You’ve heard the saying “Time is money,” so whether you’re an architect or a structural engineer, we believe your time is not only valuable, but it should be more profitable. If you agree, we built this for you.

JULY 2018, we will be releasing our first introduction of Vitruvius Beta. We invite you and your team to sign up for VITRUVIUS Beta access.

For more information, visit and sign up today!

Thank you for your support!

~ TVP Team


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