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Vitruvius for Academics

NEW! Free Academic Structural Design Software by The Vitruvius Project is Now Available!

Implementing Vitruvius Academic in your classroom allows you to demonstrate real-world example calculations for residential and light commercial building. Students can use the program to check their hand calculations for mistakes, and accelerate their learning.

What makes us different?

Vitruvius Academic currently has 14+ unique design modules. Take advantage of 70+ load combinations (ASD and LRFD), up to 10-span beam and joist analysis with triaxial loading, with 6+ building code options available, as well as multiple supplemental code options (ASCE7, NDS, AISC 360, ACI 318, etc). Our all-in-one software allows you and your students to work and learn easier and faster, eliminating the need for multiple software programs in order to accomplish project tasks. Vitruvius provides calculations for all materials needed — Wood, Steel, Concrete & Masonry.

The new Vitruvius Links System automatically transfers loads from the roof all the way down to the foundation. Links between members can be made quickly, eliminating the need to manually transfer loads. Any changes made automatically follow the linked load path to update all connected members throughout your entire project. All connected members automatically update loads and recalculate with pass/fail notifications. This revolutionary system saves massive amounts of time per project.

Our Vitruvius development team is constantly adding new modules and system features to the program to give users the engineering tools they need most. Now students can maximize their engineering experience with real-world design and analysis software that they can list on their resumes for internships and at graduation.

Vitruvius Academic is FREE and available for you and all of your students. Our 5 min setup allows staff and students to download our software on both personal and lab computers.

Please let us know when you are ready to take the next step to get your Free software. Our Vitruvius support & customer service team is standing by to assist you via email, phone or even a remote session

Thank you for your support!


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