Pre-Order Vitruvius BASE 1


All Pre-Orders of Vitruvius BASE will receive a download link for StruCalc 10.0 which can be used in the interim until the Vitruvius BASE Beta is publicly available. Estimated date for open beta access is October 2018.

Highlights and improvements over StruCalc 10.0 of Vitruvius BASE are 10-span analysis for beams and joists, Load Combinations, multi-span columns, hanger design, biaxial loading, a myriad of other engineering feature upgrades over StruCalc 10.0, and all the system benefits of the newest platform.


StruCalc 10.0 is the latest version of StruCalc, a structural engineering software platform that has been in development since 1993. It is designed for architects, engineers, and building officials to run intuitive structural calculations on up to 3-spans for beams, columns, joists, rafters, footings, collar ties, and walls with wood and steel materials. It is widely accepted as the easiest to use structural engineering program on the market.