Vitruvius Base III (Yearly)
July 13, 2018
Vitruvius Base I (Monthly)
February 22, 2019

Vitruvius TRIAL


Take Vitruvius for a spin with a free 30-day trial of Base III.
(Includes All Features of Vitruvius StruCalc, Base I, II & III)

• Quick & Easy 5-Minute Installation
• Simple Calculations, Easy to Use, Fast Results
• Fast Data Entry with Load Calculators and Wizards
• Intuitive Interface – Click Spans and Supports to Revise
• Quickly Autosize Beams and Joists
• Design Complex Flitch Beams and Collar Ties Easily
• Link and Automatically Update Member Loads from Top to Bottom
• Walkthrough Videos to Teach You to Use Modules
• Responsive Support Team to Quickly Answer Questions
• Live Development Team Focused on New Features You Want Most



The trial version of Vitruvius.

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