StruCalc 10.0 Framing Module

StruCalc 10.0 Multi-Span Roof Rafter Module
June 27, 2016
June 8, 2017

The “framing settings” allows you to compile the weight of materials used in the building assemblies for the projects you design.  Rather than having to hand calculate or estimate the total load for the dead load inputs, you will be able to select from a full list of standard materials used in the building industry.  These  roof, floor and wall dead loads will be automatically put in the dead load inputs for your project.  Multiple different floor assemblies will be available should your project have those design scenarios.   There will still be a default set of standard materials available which you can customize if you wish for each project.

We apologize for the delay in the July launch of the beta. We should have it available at the beginning of August 2016 with the scheduled release date of September 6th, 2016. If you would like to be a beta tester please feel free to email me.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team