Due to the high demand by users for a network version of our software we are happy to announce that it has been developed and will be available for StruCalc 8.0. This network version called StruCalc Server 2008 allows many new benefits with only a few requirements.


  • No installation of additional software on your network to run the software
  • No network traffic to bog down your systems
  • Scale the number of licenses you need to the amount of access your users need
  • StruCalc Server 2008 allows StruCalc 8.0 to be installed on an unlimited number of machines on one LAN. It limits concurrent users to the number of licenses you purchase.
  • Simply install StruCalc Server 2008 on any computer with network access and the program will be up and running, we do all the tracking so you don’t have to!
  • Users can’t access StruCalc enough? Our easy one-click upgrade option automatically increases your maximum connected client limit
  • Cutting edge technology runs behind any firewall or router with no additional setup (if you can open a web browser on the computer StruCalc Server 2008 will run)
  • ALSO! One user needs dedicated access? Easily lock their station so they never get blocked
  • ALSO! With our innovative license manager you can create a mobile license on a laptop to take StruCalc anywhere without buying ANY additional licenses.


  • All computers must be located on a single LAN, or have VPN access to the LAN where StruCalc Server 2008 runs
  • Every user must have dedicated internet access and allow StruCalc to connect to the internet

Recommended Usage

  • Any user company with the requirements who has 3 or more users and desire the ability to limit their purchased licenses as well as have mobile clients


StruCalc Server 2008 (comes with 3 concurrent licenses) $995.00

5-pack of StruCalc Server Licenses (best additional licensing deal) $695.00

Single StruCalc Server License $195.00

For full upgrade pricing and additional features or questions please feel free to call me at our sales line 1-800-279-1353.

Adam Wilson
StruCalc Development Team

April 9, 2008

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