Wide flange steel columns are used in structural design to add strength and stability to a structure that will support heavy loads. Wide flange steel column are most often used in commercial construction, such as the construction of high rise buildings. A structural engineer has many different types of columns and materials to choose from when designing a high rise building.

Columns Used in the Construction of High Rise Buildings

When designing high rise buildings, structural engineers may utilize several different types of columns to support the structure. When designing a structure, the structural engineer must consider the design of stud walls, laterally loaded columns, and built up columns. He or she must also consider the effects of loading, sheer, and moment on the selected columns of the structure.

Columns may be constructed of steel, wood, concrete, or manmade building materials such as composites, solid sawn lumber, and glulams. The structural engineer considers the limitations and benefits of using each type of column and selects a material that meets the design specifications and budget limitations.

Wide flange steel columns help disperse the weight load of a structure back into the outer walls of the structure, making the building more stable even when fully loaded with furniture, equipment, and people.

Structural engineering involves designing stable structures through the use of various known physical properties and theories. Mathematical equations help the structural engineer design sound structures such as high rise buildings, homes, and bridges.

Structural engineers often utilize structural design software programs to help them sort through the many options available when designing a building. Structural engineering design software helps structural engineers adhere to local, federal, and international building codes while designing a structurally sound building within the client’s specifications and budget.

Structural engineers use wide flange steel columns is designing structures in many different areas of construction. Wide flange steel columns are a cost effective way for structural engineers to design stable, high rise structures. Specific design elements can drastically affect the stability and visual appeal of a structure.

Wide flange steel columns are an important part of the structural engineer’s tool kit when designing high rise buildings. Structural engineers can use structural design software programs to assist them in selecting the proper building materials and design elements to achieve spectacular results.

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