Structural beam design software is a builder’s best friend when planning a new structure. Structural beam design software helps eliminate potential structural failures and design flaws that may not be noticed until after construction has begun.

Beam design can be a complicated process. An experienced builder may know which type of beam is used to achieve a desired visual style of a structure, but is that beam able to support the load of the structure adequately? Does it leave open the possibility of expansion of the structure later on?  Is there a cheaper beam that would be adequate for the design of the structure?

Structural Beam Design Software

Structural beam design software allows a structural engineer, contractor or homeowner to design structural elements with performing of the mathematical equations required to design such elements.  Often, once faced with the design on a computer screen, necessary and desired changes become apparent and are easily remedied.

Bending and shearing stresses play an important role in choosing a beam design.  A top-quality structural beam design software program also calculates possibilities in the given beam design by using these values and comparing them to known structural engineering values to ensure structural integrity.

Structural beam design software will also take into consideration the stiffness, strength and size of the desired beam. It then calculates the potential weight-bearing load of the designed beam. Calculations based on the desired qualities reveal all viable beam design possibilities. Calculations can also be made that show the cost effectiveness of each beam design option.

The structural beam design software also provides a list of possible beam materials to help provide a stable structure without exceeding the given construction budget. Do you need a solid beam, or is a hollow beam a viable option? Do you need an I-beam design or a rectangular beam? Structural beam design software can help you sort out all the options.

Structural beam design software is a wise investment for any structural engineer, building contractor, or individual building a new home construction. It eliminates potential mistakes in the design of the structure, as well as ensures that structural integrity is maintained during last minute changes in building plans. Not all structural beam design software is top-quality. Be sure to research the features offered by a structural beam design software program including the support available with the program before selecting a structural beam design software package.

April 7, 2008

Structural Beam Design Software